Amazon thought experiment

Is it possible that Amazon will get so big that it will employ so many people that the employees will be able to form a union because the company won’t be able to hire enough replacements for them when they go on strike?

Amazon already has hiring concerns because they have burned through a lot of their hiring pool due to high turnover.

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Yep, I know someone in management at the warehouse in Jeffersonville, IN (serving Louisville Metro) and they are already ignoring “Do Not Rehire” notices on past employees.

When they get big enough, they don’t need to ship. You just pick up your stuff when you go to work.


Also, if they get big enough, it won’t be so much a “strike” as a “revolution”…

A coup

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…even if you work from home.

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Maybe its name will be changed to Buy&Large.
And we know how that turns out.

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