Alternative to cancel culture

NBA player Meyer Lemon made a stupid trash-talking post on Instagram, included an antisemitic slur, as a result sponsors deserted him, he was fined and suspended and got the typical sour responses that come with these types of comments despite issuing what appeared to be a sincere apology. Jewish football player writes an open letter inviting him to a ritual Sabbath dinner. Seems like a better way to handle these types of incidents than the typical cancel culture.


Is this a nickname or a new slur?

I tend to slur my speech after a few Meyer lemon liquers

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Can we get a definition of cancel culture? I’m not sure what that term means based on how it’s used.


It seems to be where extremists claim they are being silenced whilst writing articles in widely circulated newspapers or being interviewed on TV.

Cancel culture - this is where someone or something appears to be culturally insensitive and right wing media loses its mind when it is criticized or pointed out. In many cases people or products are boycotted or pulled from the market. This is the number 1 problem in America today according to CPAC.

Fox news dedicates entire segments to cancel culture while simultaneously complaining that we should be focused on the real issues and not whether Dr. Seuss or Mr. Potato Head are culturally insensitive as if they were forced by a private company to discuss their latest marketing decisions and blame it all on liberals.

I cancelled cancel culture a few months ago. Then this thread rescheduled it. Darn you people.

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Also, as someone else recently pointed out (possibly here on GoA)… “Freedom” Fries instead of French Fries :roll_eyes:

And Trump is trying to “cancel” all the GOP Congresscritters who dared to stand up against him and for Law And Order (and not the SVU kind).
State parties have already “canceled” in a way (censured) their duly elected Reps and Governors for choosing country over party.

There is the fox news story, which i think is mostly a propaganda device.

but there is something real here. for example there was an invisibilia podcast on it.

i think there are two parts. in one part, a powerful man, or sometimes woman, acts like a monster. while in past times, his platform would be so large, and debate so controlled, that he would suffer almost no consequences. now he does through virtual exile coordinated over social media. this exile is cancelling somebody.

of course the question becomes: what constitutes a big platform? what is behaving like a monster? etc.

the second part is the breakdown of the public vs private life of everybody. what was once considered private behavior is now being given the kind of treatment once reserved for politicians. and this behavior can sometimes be treated to the same kind of exile i mentioned earlier. it is very unclear to me how often this happens, but the anecdotal stories i have read about it is troubling.