Alpha Insights

Do you guys get e-mails from this company? I imagine they must just go down the FCAS list or something but this is now my second string of ~4 follow up e-mails asking me to do some paid meeting with some client of theirs. Curious if anyone has actually done it.

nice humblebrag about getting your FCAS

I thought this would’ve been a CS thread by the title.

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But I didn’t just get my FCAS, and they just started e-mailing me more aggressively in the last few months. I meant they go down the list of all FCASs, not new ones.

I don’t think I have worked with Alpha Insights, but I seem to recall getting an email from them. I have worked with a similar company that Westley turned me on to.

I basically talked to a management consultant for an hour while he asked questions about how I used a very specific, niche, software.