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Do you guys ever get spit on by one of these? I imagine they must just go down their hate list or something but this is now my second string of ~4 loogies in the face due to some grudge of theirs. Curious if anyone has actually had that happen to them.

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No, but their fur make some cozy socks.

You seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot with them. Perhaps you could buy a quilt from @NerdAlert to create better empathy. I believe some of her quilts are made for babies, so they should be able to handle some spit up.

Another incident from the far distant past. My brother, maybe age 5 then, over 50 years ago, had his finger bitten by a llama at the zoo as he fed fed it a carrot. No serious damage, and AFAIK neither the llama nor my brother still holds a grudge. If you tempted the alpacas with carrots and then didn’t give them the food, I could see them being pissed off.


You reminded me of an incident from the distant past. When I was a kid, I was at the zoo with a friend who decided to give a llama a potato chip. The llama ate it, and liked it. When my friend did not provide it another chip in a timely fashion, the llama launched a big loogie all over him. Face and shirt were covered, and it smelled awful.

what’s the difference between alpaca and llama

what’s the difference between possum and opossum

A Møøse once bit my sister… No realli!


Surely we are scraping the bottom of the barrel, yes?

Here’s a chart

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Alpaca towel next time

Not yet…

There. Now we are.


CS needs to get some alpaca cheese and update us in the cheese thread on how that is.

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High quality post :laughing:

Also got more conversation than Alpha

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I think llamas are bigger with longer necks.

My dad’s family has a sheep ranch and at one point they bought a llama to keep with the herd. They are supposed to protect the herd from coyotes - and it probably works because if the sheep dogs ever got too close it would stare them down until they skulked away.

They tried putting two of them in the herd, but then they just got together and wandered away.