AI generated pics

FYI, I HATE stock images. My marketing person gets right annoyed with me because I refuse to allow them to be used. The odd time we’ve needed an image, I’ve paid for a custom job. I maintain that, particularly in the life insurance world online, I can smell a stock image a mile away. Every life insurance website has the same ones, happy retired couple on beach. Young couple happily buying a life insurance policy from professional insurance agent. Etc.

And, I’m not wrong. I went to and just generated a bunch of images for use on ‘life insurance websites’. Tell me you haven’t seen these exact images out there already.

The golf one has got it goin’ on, but the other 3? Bang on.

Though the last one could also be used by some american politicians under '50yo senator marries 20yo white girl and has a couple of kids. ’

Now you do some!

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Buddy’s hands are melting into the putter. :melting_face:

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granny’s teeth are out of a zombie movie.


And in the bottom one, there’s some extra appendages at the bottom, and what looks like the forming of a new baby.

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No “beanie girl” pic?

uv much

And the eyes on that kid in white are freaking me out a bit.

This old fart’s hand is morphing into a tennis racket

Her teeth? I was too focused on the extra teeth inside his mouth a la Alien.


Should I sell this to the little blue pill marketing people?

Warning: Clicking on the link below is vomit-inducing.

I hurt myself laughing about this

(I was checking back into this thread as “Reefer Madness” came up in my music stream.)

Once you go black…