Advice on tv/box/smarttv combination

I’ve got a hackjob in the home gym right now, chromebook attached to the TV. We use it for streaming from youtube (for me) and the peleton app (spouse).
is there a better combination? like an android box that streams to the TV? Or just a smart tv that accepts casting? I have an android phone, spouse has an apple if that makes a difference.
Maybe I just need to put a shelf on the wall to hold the chromebook and be done with it.

I avoid smart TVs, opting to connect a laptop or desktop with a wireless keyboard and mouse to a no frills one. I currently use a RaspberryPi 4 controlled with a Logitech K400 for website browsing and streaming. Not sure if peloton has a web app or if you need something castable.

Streaming boxes are another possibility, but I don’t have much experience with them.

We haven’t bought a TV in four years and maybe things have improved. We have two streaming TVs and the ‘streaming’ part sucks. Terrible UI and they liked to crash.

We have been using Roku devices for a long time and have been happy. Simple and easy to use, and really reliable. I just replaced one last month, I think it was roughly a decade old. Good enough.

Mostly happy with my samsung TV that is like 3 years old.
The UI is okay and nearly all the apps work as intended

We have 2 samsungs, 1 bought last November and the second in March. Pretty happy with them so far.

I’ve had a PC connected to our living room TV for years. My wife’s not really a fan of having to “switch over” from video programming to use it.

Just prior to upgrading our living room TV last year, we were using a Chromecast device on an old smart TV whose smart features we never used. We have YoutubeTV in lieu of cable, and we cycle among an assortment of streaming apps.

When we upgraded the TV, we went for a Samsung model that essentially has the Chromecast built-in (I forget the Google branding for the product). While I’m leery of upgradeability, it was nice to (a) go back to having a single remote for most of our needs and (b) to be able to have two remotes (“his” and “her” when we’re sitting in different parts of the room.

If the TV lasts long enough that it fails to be upgradeable, we’ll go back to having an external gadget like we did before.

Also have ~2y.o. Samsung and it works fine for streaming. Even has buttons for Netflix and Prime on the remote.

Older Samsung hooked up in the backyard has a fire stick plugged into it and that works ok for outdoor movie nights

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I have used screen casting from my android phone to a smart TV at a few Air BnBs. The experience was acceptable - I can’t recall if the image was maybe not as sharp or did not take up 100% of the screen since my phone is 20x9 vs a 16x9 for a TV. The biggest downside was that it cast the active screen of the phone rather than a specific app so I could not use the phone for other tasks, but that seems to generally be how Bluetooth works on phones.

I moved into Jaspess II’s house, so she already had a bunch of tech stuff. Her Our setup is this Samsung TV that looks like a mini PC hooked up to just a screen. I added a stand that raises the screen and allows slight rotation to make more room for the sound bar, and an HDMI splitter for both of our Switches since all the other HDMI slots were taken.

same. I feel like their apps are poorly and inconsistently developed.

any cheep TV with HDMI is fine. Plug in a Roku. bonus points if you know how to PLEX.