Actuaries in the Wild Podcast

I started a video podcast series called Actuaries in the Wild. The podcast highlights actuaries that are pursuing non actuarial ventures, either in their spare time or as a career. I have recorded 3 podcasts so far. You can view on YouTube at

It is also on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Amazon.

If you know anyone that might be a good guest for the podcast, let me know.


Love this.

Good to hear from you JT! been a while. hope all is well.

First video I clicked on the person grew up in the same town as me… subscribed!

I know of one actuary who, in their spare time, likes to posit that their real-life experience on a subject is proof of everyone’s experience on a subject.

I know another one who, in their spare time, likes to misquote politicians to troll other actuaries.



I’d start a podcast if I can remain anonymous. Would be cool to chat with other peeps on different topics.

Would you be ok if it were, say, conversed by typing and entering onto a message board?

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no, I wanna put it on Spotify and make money

Keep working on that cancer cure.

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Episode 4 of Actuaries in the Wild is now available.

Michelle Sheppard is an actuary who also started her own business called Balience Wellness. As part of Balience Wellness, Michelle is a wellness coach and yoga instructor. She also conducts workshops and is a keynote speaker on wellness. Michelle talks about what led her to start this company and the benefits of having a wellness coach.

Considered doing a podcast on this site. I think there’s a ton of cool stuff that could be covered, like the OP seems to be doing. Unfortunately no time.