A new list


I have a limit.

Current list:

@PatientZombie 1



…but that was pretty good


It has nothing to do with whether the joke/quip is good.

It’s whether I feel the urge to Will Smith the person.

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So good it brought back the list. Cause there are a number of us who have been trying awfully hard.

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I approve of this phrase.


i got a pity spot on the old list. not sure i can finagle that again.

Not with that attitude.

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@meep -
Can you explain this “new list” for me?


i chuckled.


list attempt!!!

What did Chris Rock see on his face after he was slapped? Fresh Prints!

note - i didn’t come up with this, but i cringed upon reading it.

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Unfortunately for you, I already saw that.

oh wow, so the person i stole it from didn’t even make it up herself? LAME!

OKAY, I’ll explain this particular list, which is not the old list, which is completely gone with the wind.

This is to remind me of particular shenanigans on GoA that made me want to reach out and touch someone. So I will update the list in the OP, and quote the incident in a post on the thread as a reminder.

What inspires such a reaction will depend on the situation. I do have bad reactions to puns, but given how many years I’ve known many people around here (like aof), I know certain things to expect.

PZ in particular caught me in a nasty mood. I hadn’t planned on starting a new list, but here we are.

As to why I want to remind myself of these things…

I mean, I may need to think of someone to pray for during my daily rosary…

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Two guys walk into a bar.
The third guy ducks.

A guy walks into a bar.

So avoid the list. Gotcha!

Walking into a bar is for suckers.

It is really difficult to determine ahead of time what will land a person (or even an entire thread) on the list.

It changed over time at the AO, and it’s definitely very different over here at GoA.

I managed not to even start a list until recently.