3rd Covid Vaccine Shot

I heard the vaccine is good for like, at least six months or whatever. Any of you planning on getting a 3rd shot? How to go about doing this? You ask doctor?

also, do you need to stick to the brand you chose first? like, do i forever have to be taking J&J in the future or can I try out pfizer next time?

depends on how they protect against the variants I think.

I think the current forecasts are simply because we haven’t had enough time yet to see how long the immunity is effective, rather than something like after 6 months vaccine-based immunity drops off. I’m definitely hoping immunity lasts far longer than 6 months.

What I’ve heard is that we now have evidence that the vaccines are good for at least 6 months, and the decline in antibodies is slow enough (so far) that they expect it will be good for significantly longer. But no one can know that until we have actual data.

Very unlikely. Canada is already encouraging people to mix and match. The UK is doing a decent-sized study on that which should be releasing results in a couple of weeks. US regulators can be slow to react, but i expect the advise is going to be in favor of mixing by the time anyone gets around to booster shots.

So maybe we should just go grab another brand for the heck of it?

yep, they are bribing people to get the vaccine. i heard $100 or something here. can i get another brand, be super covered AND collect my $100?

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You’d have to give me a lot more than $100 to have those side effects again for the fun of it

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Haven’t the trial participants been inoculated for close to a year now? Shouldn’t the makers have some data on how things are going with those people out to a year or close to it by now? I thought I heard that one of the requirements to get into the trial was that you had to be willing to be followed up with for 3 to 5 years after getting your shots.

well, tbf, i got J&J and the side effects were very minimal.

If a booster in the fall is recommended and then annually there after, I’ll get it just like I do an annual flu shot. But yes it will be interesting to see how they handle the multiple vaccine provider issue on boosters.

My first was minimal my second shot was a really sore shoulder. I’d easily do that for $100.

Given how well mRNA vaccine technology is working out, I would hope that in a couple of years we will have just a seasonal shot that covers both COVID and the flu (and maybe one or two other ailments).

I would imagine we will need a booster at some point but I imagine it will be a while before we know that.

Is the tech on a universal flu vaccine similar to the tech for these Covid vaccines?

Are we any closer to a universal flu shot because of Covid, or did Covid postpone the arrival of the universal flu vaccine because vaccine researchers switched research?

Either way, hopefully in the near future the universal flu vaccine will be available and eliminate the need for an annual flu shot.

We are mixing and matching in Canada. My first shot was astrogenica, got my second moderna yesterday.
Canada was really slow on the uptake getting everyone their first shot but they are killing it rolling out the second shot. They’ve got every neighbourhood pharmacy doing vaccinations, family doctors, popup clinics, etc. We were only a few days between booking and getting our second shot.

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I don’t get reactions from flu shots. I doubt I’ll get it annually if the side effects are as bad as the first two

I had mild side effects from both shots. Mostly just injection site soreness but it did last longer than a typical flu shot.

If I had stronger side effects, I’d probably be more hesitant to get boosters if they are recommended