2024 Tour de France

Tejay used to train in my area. I’m sure I’ve ridden with him before (well, watched him fly by me uphill like I was standing still). I think he still has some KOMs on Strava on some of our brutal hill climbs.

Tejay was very talented, finishing 5th in the Tour twice in his mid-20s. Like Quintana and Bardet, he peaked in his mid-20s. Most GC riders peak around 30 so for all 3 riders I was expecting greater things but it never happened. Finishing 5th is an awesome achievement though.

I don’t think these new super young guys (Tadej, Jonas, Remco, Ayuso, etc.) are going to be excelling past their 30s. I’m expecting by then they will be burned and a new crop of prodigies will emerge. I hope I’m wrong though but I think the sport is becoming a young man’s game.

Tadej could finish fourth if he cracks big time. Like one bad day and then the other three guys ride away.

Great finish by Jonas today. Still Tadej’s race to lose though. He has a better team surrounding him

Yes, I’m so used to Pogacar being on a weaker team compared to Vingegaard and Roglic. UAE have 4 riders in the top 10. Very strong team. I think Jonas will be missing Sepp in the high mountains. Hopefully (for him) Potato Jorgensen can help out.

For sure… Sepp Kuss is an amazing teammate.

Tadej seems to have this wrapped up after another great finish yesterday. Does Jonas have what it takes to fight back in the Alps? He looked pretty much cooked at the end of the last two stages.

3 minutes is a lot of time to make up, and not sure even peak Vingegaard with no crash could do that in a couple of stages the way that Pogacar is riding.

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There’s no sign of Pogacar flagging from the quick turnaround since the Giro and the gap between them was actually bigger on the second of the weekend stages. The only hope for Jonas is that historically he fares better in the Alps. It is a lot of time to make up and Pog has a much better team this year.

I can’t believe that Cavendish is still in the race, especially given how fast the times in the last climb were. Made it by 2 minutes (time cut was 53’22", he managed it 51’35" back). I haven’t checked the route, but apparently today is the last sprint.

As long as Pog doesn’t get le bonk he will beat veengogo

I wonder if he really needs to stay until the end. This week is brutal and there’s no champs at the end for a sendoff.

This is the last sprint stage, so there could be quite a few sprinters that are DNS tomorrow, especially with the Olympics coming up.

I notice that Enric Mas (aged 29, 2 top 6 finishes and 3 times 2nd in the Vuelta) is not in the top 20. For about 5 years he was the golden boy for Movistar and was hoped to produce great things.

Also Jai Hindley (aged 28, 7th last year, winner of the Giro) is quite a way down.

It was great to see Steve Porino relaxing in an infinity pool with a beer in hand while the riders went past below.

The 15:07 gap between 1st and 4th seems large (with two days to go). Had a quick look at gaps between 1st and 4th over the last 10 years -

2023 12:23
2022 13:39
2021 10:02
2020 5:58
2019 1:56
2018 3:22
2017 2:21
2016 4:42
2015 8:36
2014 9:40

Definitely some closer ones - especially 2019 and 2016, which had gaps between 1st and 10th of 7:32 and 7:11 respectively

Volunteering at a bike ride … rider number 13 is obviously not a Tour fan. He’s had his number pinned on right-side up every day.

I complimented another rider’s polka dot cap and said she was Queen Of The Mountains and she had no idea what I was talking about. I mean she had the kit & everything! :woman_facepalming: