2024-25 WNBA Basketball Thread

Maybe the WNBA (the league) doesn’t have as much sway over who’s getting picked? I mean, maybe the players can say, “I won’t play if she’s on the team.”
There have been other snubs in the past, and not just white girls.
Candace Parker was not on a team after being the WNBA MVP two straight years. The coach said he didn’t want her on the team. When there is a wealth of talent that will win regardless, personal issues will creep in.

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What I heard this morning is there are only six practices before the Olympics and the other ladies have already been playing together

The guys have the advantage that Summer Olympics is season end, not beginning

i heard that this AM as well and it makes a ton of sense. 9 returning players who have played together.

there’s a ton of players who could have been players 10-14 or whatever. you can’t really argue against the players who made it and at some point there are position needs that trump what would sound “awesome”

Basketball is such a team sport.
/r, in case colorblind

Also, who gets dropped for the golden girl?
No one seems too concerned about that woman’s experience and prowess and feelings.



Chelsea Gray, guard.

Gray, 31, has yet to play this WNBA season after suffering a leg injury during the 2023 WNBA Finals.

Why roster a player that cannot take to the court?

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