2023 NFL Football thread

I think the bigger challenge about grass fields in winter in cold venues is hardness. Grass can die off or struggle to survive in extreme cold, but a live grass field turns rock hard at low temps. I think most (all?) NFL teams with grass fields in colder spots have hydronic field heating. All of your examples do, plus others. There is no “frozen tundra” in the NFL any more.

Not unless the heating system malfunctions like it did before the Ice Bowl.

Yeah, and those fields suck in January.

Maybe they could have the Ice Bowl at a different venue each year where the heating system malfunctions.

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But, both teams play on it. A game is played, a result is determined. What is the issue?
Lack of prettiness? So much so that people turn off the game? I doubt it.

I haven’t been out on a modern turf field in the middle of January but I have been on a grass field in January. I think I would probably prefer the turf one to play on.

have you been on a grass field with heating core underneath? bc that’s what they play on

This is important “twig logic” you’re refuting. Careful!

No way Wilson throws that deep - pretty sure his arm got hit as he threw it, that’s going short, they’ll need a miracle tip or something to - OH MY GOD, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?

Even if they didn’t get the 2-point conversion, … what a hell of a play.


new england stumbles again. sweet block on a FG! and the defense is pretty good. the offense can’t seem to get it rolling outside of hurry up. no moral victories count. they are who the record says they are at 0-2.

thin sample (2 games) but if they get behind schedule on down/distance - say a sack, or a penalty happens - they are cooked until the last 5 minutes of the game it seems.

maybe the zach wilson jets will be the tonic they need.

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Apparently my crystals and incense suggestion for medical treatment for an achilles injury was far too mainstream

Football abilities aside, I keep forgetting how much of a weirdo Rodgers is.

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He’s the worst kind: he’s low-intelligence but thinks he’s high intelligence.

Worst pair of MNF games in a long time, or worst pair of MNF games ever?

Sounds like he’d be a perfect fit around here!


i don’t think he’s low intelligence overall. he is overconfident though. if he reads something and it hits what he wants to believe, he will project it into being right. even when it is batshit bananpants crazy, and then talk down to those who mention the absurdity.

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OK, so RNN.

I see it now. (WHMS)

In case you missed it on Monday Night Football…

The last time the Browns were 2-0 to start the season was 1993. 30 years have gone by since they won 2 games to start a season. (Technically, they did not exist for 4 of those years, so 30 years is only 26 seasons)

Consider this. In 1993, they actually started off at 3-0 under QB Bernie Kosar. But 7 weeks later they were 5-5, so the Browns released Kosar mid season. The Browns have basically been dog crap ever since.

To be fair, Cleveland went 11-5 in 1994 and had built a very good team under Bill Belichick. They were a Super Bowl contender for 1995, starting 3-1. Modell’s strained relationship with Cleveland led to secret negotiations to move the team. When the move to Baltimore was officially announced, CLE was 4-5 and was a dead man/team walking, finishing at 5-11. But yeah, they have been a total disaster since their “expansion”.

The Ravens winning the season 2000 SB was another slap in the face.