2023 Fantasy Baseball

Would like to add a hitter. Will part w Logan Webb and Gimenez. G man off to slower start for power but was slow last year at start as well.

Good start this week at 2/20. Only good thing is yt is 2/18 and had 2 great pitcher outings with no wins. Was down 8-1 last Weds. My team does not seem to play Mon-Weds.

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What a terrible day to forget to set my lineup until 8:30PM :sob:

Verlander & Lugo - W, 10K, 1.9 ERA, .93 WHIP… but just realized how good my rotation is. Too bad no one can hit!


I thought long and hard on winning 5-4 by benching Webb and instead went for the W to grab an extra half. Didn’t work out. At least my team got over 200 today although not enough to get to yts dominating 216.

Our offenses were downright offensive in the stat categories this week. My pitching got off to a good start but my ERA steadily climbed all week. I was surprised to see I held that cat when I got home last night.

Sometimes I hate early day baseball. Just logged on to find I’m missing a Cease & Gray start today. Hopefully Gray gets rained out an he goes tomorrow. Oh well.

The Cease miss didn’t hurt me too bad, just lost 1/2 a point in WS, still pulled out Ks, ERA & WHIP so all in all a good week for the Trippers

Lugo and Verlander have been throwing gems on the same day all month… I know this because somehow, someway, I left them both on my bench on the same day for third time this season. Set lineups every day while away Memorial Day weekend, forgot putting together a powerpoint.

Thank you?

Smails, impressive with 2 N.A., and 7 IL players, that’s a regular MAS*H unit you have there.

And yet still 2 games ahead of me in the standings :poop:

Walker Buehler has been all kinds of suck. Guess two TJS will do that to you.

Close in a few categories heading into today. Team goes 0-22 which doesn’t help HRs, Rs or SBs. Pitcher goes 4.2. Ass kicked

Dang…I was up 7-2 vs 1st place Amphibians…dropped 2 Categories on Sunday. Still on a win-streak (3 in a row…5 of our last 6) and out of the basement!

Good match yt. Hard fought contest. I picked the wrong streamer this morning and you got the right one. I thought long and hard about him and got greedy thinking about Ks and WHIP. Also blew it streaming a guy that only pinch hit today. Anyway, great contest. Was like a playoff game.

PS - glad it concluded with a Red Sox shutout that stifled 3 of your Yankees. Thankfully, they have won 5 of 6 series from Yanks. Who’d of thought with that pitching staff.

Like my Yankees my fantasy team is on an extended losing streak. I wasn’t going to stream a pitcher until I saw you had picked one up so I said what the hell go for it. Good match maybe I can get revenge come playoff time.

I just did a quick deep dive to see where I need to make my team better to have a chance at making a run… and it looks like it’s timing.

Home Runs… I’m 5-5-4, but leading the league by 15 home runs
RBI… I’m 5-9 but third in the league

Gotta spread those out, must be winning by a mile whenever I am winning :sob:

At least once at week my team has an unbelievably bad hitting day. Today, 1/16. It seems my team hits 215 every week but none of my guys have poor averages.

I feel bad for UA? His team crushed 14 bombs so far this week which looks like 2nd best in the league, but damn my team crushed it with 22.

… and now it’s up to 23 vs 16. Thankfully I’ve got next week to rally, so no problems, right? (Yeah, right. /sigh/)