2023 Fantasy Baseball


We renewing? If yes are we setting a keeper date and draft time? If so I’m back.

In, gotta defend….again. Odd/evens so hoping to make playoff

I’m in if everyone else is… let’s get a roll call and we’ll put it together. Draft mid/late March, keeper deadline like two days before.

Who else is back?

I’m in.

I’m in! :+1:


I’m in!

As of now my keepers are: Garcia, Della Cruz, McLain though that could change.

Senga is available in trade to keep relatively cheap if anyone is looking for SP keeper.

I’m in!

I can’t seem to find last year’s draft, either on the site or my excel file (which I re-used for another draft). Just need to know my potential keepers and their keeper rounds.

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Here’s “Final State for Last Season” from last season (remove spaces), which includes draft spot:
https://baseball.fantasysports. yahoo. com/b1/70379/lastseason

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Was looking for this so thought I’d :bump:

So any player with a 2023 Draft position of “-” can still be kept in the 13th round?

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Link doesn’t work for me.

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Definitely keeping Carroll. Thinking Nolan Jones. Not sure about third. Bradish, Lowe and Jung are all candidates. How did I drop Snell and still win?

You’ll need to take out the spaces in the link, and likely be logged into Yahoo.

For keepers, last year didn’t we go the other way, first keeper was 13, second was 12? Now I do not want to sound critical of any commish since a thankless job…and I play on keeping 2 so 13/14 would be good w me. However, it would seem that going lower makes a little more sense since that second and third choice of keepers takes more though and will eat up a lower space in following year if keeping them was a good choice. (How did I put Harris lower than Carroll costing me a 9 instead of 10 this year, ugh).

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…and now I’m reading about Harris. Anybody considering trades?

I agree K_R, and assumed that was a mistake in arby’s original post.

My keepers at this point are Jesus Luzardo (13), Ha-Seong Kim (12), Ketel Marte (11), & Blake Snell (7)

Pretty sure we only keep 3 but if we do get 4 let me know.