2023 Fantasy Baseball

You definitely didn’t do me any favors last week! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Okay, it’s more I didn’t do any favors for myself… :man_facepalming:

Mookie (who I traded to you) tried, but he couldn’t do it all himself.

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Likely shot it this week heading into semis.

So far Verlander hasn’t helped me but Freeman has.

Thanks for the donkey kicking this week!

Down to the Final Four! Glad to make my return to relevance this season :grinning:

Well done Arby, and congrats! :+1:

Congrats again, Arby! I pulled out all the stops but couldn’t get a vulture win to save my life. :smile: Good luck in the Finals to both of you.

Yahoo tells me Tristan Casas is injured and in my starting lineup should adjust my line up? Does that mean there is still a chance?

Congrats Arby.

Good luck Arb

Good luck to you!

Everyone loves seeing a 5v6 matchup, it’s like we’re in March already.

Law of averages means things are likely to worsen but through 37.1 innings so far this week my pitchers have given up 2 runs w WHIP of 0.64. Verlander finally showed up.

Meanwhile I had not one, but TWO pitchers throw to an 11.57 ERA in a single day… and still not be my worst starter of the week!

Just need same to occur today. 4 starts, no wins and under 20 Ks would be perfect.

There is quite the disparity in the 2 pitching lines.