2023 Fantasy Baseball

I just got a message posting from the Fantasy Baseball site asking if we were going to continue in 2021. Can’t respond on the site. Not sure if all players have made their way here. I would play if there is a league.

Hey Kid. I got the message you sent over there. Just joined up here. As I mentioned, I am most likely out on playing. Work and life are just too busy.

Just created an account here. I am interested in playing again.

I’m in if we keep it rolling.

Well, if I have not done much good, at least I got coin and tomtom back into the mix on the site.

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I’m in for another season (after all, someone’s gotta fill in the bottom half, er… bottom quarter of the standings!).


I sent a message out on Yahoo!, well under half the league has gotten back to me. I’d play Fantasy with ya’ll but don’t think the AOFBKL is going to survive this. I’m not willing to do the work to get new players (we already had some confirmed drop-outs). If someone gets most of the gang back together and the new players, I’ll run again. If someone wants the files, I have those too.

If not, I’d be interested in a non-keeper, online draft, let’s have some fun Yahoo league.

I couldn’t respond on the Yahoo site. There was no way to reply in the 2020 messages. That’s why I sent email and posted here.

I’m OK with a non-keeper online draft league.

20 team keeper like we had on the AO seems like it would be rough to make a go of it this year.

I’d be down for a redraft non-keeper league as getting a draft going off line looks like it could be tough. Like KR I was unable to post on the Yahoo thread, not sure why.

I blocked responses from certain folks… now you know what I think of you.

Kidding, might have to do with mobile vs actual site or something like that. I’ve struggled with some functionality of yahoo in different settings.

I was wondering if messaging on the site became inactive after 1/1? Anyway, I’m interested in playing, regardless of what shape the league may take.



i wish we could figure out a salary/contract league where you sign players over multiple years and have to bid…that always seems so appealing and fun,

so…whats up.

In February I think I’m going to put up something for us trying to get a draft together (or if someone else would like to be the commissioner on that one, all the better). Let’s see if we can’t get an auction/keeper league structure in place with a ton fewer rules than the previous iteration. Also, probably 12 players or less.

Missed this thread earlier…I’m in.

Okay so I (or another volunteer) can get the ball rolling on this… looks like we have at least 9 (Kid Rock, Linus, Ultimate, YankTrip, Zeke, Arby, Bing, greenman, coinfootball). Anyone else interested? Or anyone else we want to invite? I think 12 is a nice number.

And rules? We want to set it up as a (much less complicated) keeper league? I think the draft has to be on Yahoo! for this to work, I don’t have the time/energy to re-start what was done before. I’m also very willing to make draft times work for West Coasters.

Throw whatever ideas you have up in here, and let’s see what we can make happen.

I’m in if you need/want a new player

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