2023-24 NHL Hockey Thread

All teams played well defensively. Dallas just couldn’t figure out Skinner. The key here is that the top players for Edmonton and Florida have played well while those for Dallas and NYR were mediocre at best. Dallas was like 0/12 on the powerplay against Edmonton. Hintz’s total points for the entire playoffs is like 7pts I think.


Agree totally with all your observations. All of Canada (except maybe Calgary) is rooting for the Oilers.

Penalties may decide this series. Oilers have the best PP and PK success percentages: Panthers have the most penalty minutes and an average PP. If Panthers continue taking so many penalties the Oilers will win.


Rangers were very strong in both PP and PK during the regular season, didn’t help them that much.

Regular season success doesn’t count much once the playoffs start. Oilers have been the best at PP and PK in the playoffs when the opposition is much tougher.

The Oilers PP has been lights out, but that’s to be expected. The PK is the standout thing right now. I’m going to give the Oilers credit for some of that, but for whatever reason the Stars and Canucks were perfectly content to play out on the perimeter for long stretches looking for the perfect pass and the perfect shot. That ended up being a lot of time wasted, and any shots that did get off were easier to block or force into bad shooting areas.

The Panthers aren’t going to do that. If the Oilers want to try and force it outside, the Panthers will just garbage it up and do chaos. How they’re going to defend on the PK beyond don’t take any penalties I don’t know, but I think I’d try a floating triangle-and-1 and try to push things out, clog up shooting lanes for Bouchard, and let whoever’s on the other point take their chances and force them to beat you. You cannot let McDavid have time to work, you have to grind him down any chance you get and you have to frustrate the hell out of Draisaitl because he’ll be the one likely to snap.

My same game parlay for game 1 is over 5.5 and McDavid scores for +525

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Does score = “gets at least one point, even if it’s an assist?” If so, I’d say jump all over that.

If it’s “score = goals only,” then I see why it’s +525 and it’s designed to suck money in from people who either don’t realize McDavid has only 3 goals for the playoffs or who think “yeah, he’s only got 3 goals, he’s going to bust out soon.”

Has to be just goals at those odds!

It will be interesting how Panthers defend against McDavid. The Canucks had someone sticking to him like glue and that reduced his effectiveness against them.

“Yeti”? Eh.
In keeping with the musical theme that the NBA team appropriated:

“Sister Wives” must have been dropped after the first ballot.

Or after the nearby mountain range, like the Colorado Rockies:
Or, local indigenous animals:
Brine Shrimp
Brine Flies

Or what people mainly do when they visit SLC:

Yutaw Yeti is the right choice

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My vote would be for Yeti. Fits nicely in a league that has Kraken.

Utah players should all grow massive beards for opening night.

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I’m wondering if people on the east coast of Canada care that much about the oilers

I’ve seen a number of people, especially people from Canada, say that hockey fans in Canada don’t fall in line behind whoever the last Canadian team is in the playoffs.

For a while, I thought it was made up or sour grapes or something, but I’ve seen it said and reported enough times to think there’s a decent amount of truth to it.

Some kind of “nationalist pride”?
The worst kind of pride.

My vote is Mammoth but mostly based off of a cool uniform design I saw on twitter

Are you betting as much as Drake has on the Oilers?

Anyone though who bets that much on Dallas over Boston hasn’t watched much Celtics basketball this year. But then again, $500K to Drake is like $500 to me.

Is Kendrick Lamar betting on FLA? People who don’t care about hockey want to know!!


The Florida Panthers are now closer to winning the Stanley Cup than they’ve ever been in the franchise’s history, and it was with a pretty solid game plan that ended up drawing Edmonton out of its game and into Florida’s game.

I expect at least a couple fines. Draisaitl should have been kicked from the game; in the regular season with a normal-functioning Department of Player Safety he’d be sitting a few games. In the playoffs, under the Department of “Player Safety” I don’t expect anything more than a fine.

Panthers are playing smart hockey. Oilers are almost in must-win territory tonight.