2023-24 NHL Hockey Thread

The Maple Leafs are not stingy spenders but they just haven’t been able to get their act together in the last 57 years. But despite that lack of success they have managed to be the most valuable franchise in the NHL. Enough Toronto fans will pay whatever the Leafs charge for seats.

I haven’t coughed up the money for a Leafs’ game since February 7, 1976. They played the Bruins that night and Darryl Sittler scored 6 goals and had 4 assists. Every time he had the puck he seemed to score or set up someone to score! I figured I was never going to get a better Leafs’ game to go to after that one (and I was right)!


-195 For Edmonton according to FanDuel…

absurd stuff

Edmonton has been the heavy betting favourite in every game, both at home and on the road. Could have made some nice money betting on the Canucks. The Oilers will be very tough tonight though. However the home team lost game 6 in all three of the other second round series.

If Canucks do manage to win this series this will be the first time all four division winners proceed to the Conference Finals in the 50 year history of this format!

I hope the refs will be better than they’ve been…

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Yikes, I guess they were right about this one… That wasn’t even close.

One thing I’ve noticed is how the top Vancouver players seem to be increasingly MIA in these games while the top Edmonton guys always show up Petterson in particular seems completely out of sorts. That Vancouver power play is abysmal as well.

The team that goes through will have a really hard time with Dallas, which in my view is most likely to win the Stanley Cup.

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Last night was not pretty for Canucks fans.

I think Edmonton would fare better against Dallas.

Canucks lost 4-1 to Nashville in game 2 of that series and bounced back. However Edmonton is a different caliber team.

Getting ready to jump on the Oilers bandwagon.

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Brock Boeser (VAN) - out (blood clotting issue).

That changes Game 7 significantly and swings it toward Edmonton, though I probably would take Edmonton anyway simply because Vancouver has played most of the series trying to absorb the Oilers attack and then hit on the counterattack. Which, great idea in theory, but you can only hold off McDraichard for so long like that.

Boeser is the heart of the team. In the unlikely event that Canucks pull off an upset tonight and beat the Oilers they won’t win another round without Boeser. Oilers more likely to go further.

I’m hoping for a close game, just for the fans!

It ended up being a close game with an exciting finish.

Have to switch allegiance to the Oilers now as they have way more Canadians on their team than other NHL teams. Canucks only had four Canadians, far outnumbered by their American players.

Recapping 2nd round predictions:

3-1 here, 9-3 for the playoffs. Again, no series picked correct for both # of games and the winning team. In fact, no series picked for correct # of games here. Edmonton was the lone miss, I didn’t expect Vancouver to effectively turtle much of the series. If you told me McDavid would have 1 assist for Games 3-5, I’d have told you that’s at least 2 Edmonton losses; if you told me the series got to Game 7 and McDavid was scoreless and Draisaitl had a secondary assist, I’d have told you the Oilers lost the game.

I do have 3 of the conference finalists from my original predictions; Nashville is the lone miss. Not bad, IMO.

Conference Finals predictions:

East - FLA d. NYR in 6. My original picks had the Panthers in 6; I’m sticking with it even if I’ve seen things along the way that suggest this could be the year for the Rangers.

West - DAL d. EDM in 5. The Oilers got a huge boost from Vancouver deciding to lay back and play defense for 80% of the game; they’ll get no such benefit from the Stars, who will check early and often and have the depth to exploit the hell out of Nurse/Ceci and the bottom-6.

CAR’s power play was sooooooo bad after being statistically superior all season. Gave up multiple shorthanded goals IN THE PLAYOFFS!!! Much disappoint.

I think both series will be exciting so looking forward to them. I agree with you on Panthers in 6 but I also think Dallas series will go at least that long. It may come down to goaltending where I think Oilers are weak.

Vancouver powerplay: 2 goals in 23 powerplays. Just unacceptable. Their top players simply didnt produce enough offense compared to Edmonton.



They only played 6, thanks to the posts.

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Rangers special teams have been extra-special, making a lot of teams look bad on the PP and PK. It’s a big part of why they won the President’s Trophy. Downside is that fewer penalties are called as we get further into the playoffs; they are less dominant at even strength.

Give me Florida in 5 and Dallas in 7. Not great for NHL ratings but I really don’t believe in the Rangers and I’m afraid the Oilers will stumble, as much as I’d like them to win it all.

Florida all the way! :smiley_cat:

Edmonton is a slightly weaker version of Colorado, so I expect Dallas to win in 6 or less games. Makar is better defensively than Bouchard and Skinner isnt that dependable. Dallas is a big hockey machine with almost no weakness.

Flordia vs NYR is a big of a tough one for me. Based on what I have seen in the playoffs, it seems that Florida is very good at trolling the other team into taking silly penalties and frankly the rangers are extremely undisciplined.