2023-24 NHL Hockey Thread

104 SOG by Carolina over the last 2 games and Igor still maintains his streak of playoff games with 3 goals or fewer.

Dallas got smarter last night and built up a four goal lead before Colorado responded with three goals. Smart math by Dallas.


Sounds like a 3+ goal lead is the most dangerous lead in hockey! (well, for Dallas at least)

Ted is a little harsh on Carolina… Honestly a very good team, just unlucky to be losing these tight games (in overtime). Expect them to win the next one and try to get back into it. Although I’m cheering for NYR.

The most compelling series for me is Edmonton-Vancouver. Cheering for the Canucks.

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This was the series the oddsmakers may have gotten wrong. Oilers were 3-1 favourites whereas these two teams are very evenly matched. They are also exciting to watch.

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Cole has more goals than petterson, just in the wrong net.

Vancouver is comparable to Dallas and Edmonton comparable to Colorado. Both Van and Dallas are just trying to limit the damage against two very strong first lines. They need to stay out of the penalty box and they should go through to the semi-finals.

Boston took 21 penalties in 4 games. Just a disaster.

One stat that Vancouver leads all teams in is the percentage of shots on goal that result in goals: almost 14%. Thus even though they are only averaging about 20 SOGs per game it has been good enough to win 6 out of the 9 games played. Nashville only scored on 8% of its SOGs.

Looks like the gambling sites have Edmonton as the heavy favorites tonight.

I would agree with that. I also expect some nastiness tonight after the post-game skirmishes in the last game.

What a great almost-comeback by the Canucks! Bummer they let that late goal through.

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I thought the Canucks played poorly but still gave Edmonton a close game. This series is a tossup.

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Cant believe Edmonton scored with 38 seconds left. That being said, they played better than Vancouver. Vancouver looked terrible for the first two periods.

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Vancouver at times seems really content to go for quality over quantity, which … it’s a strategy, but I’m not sure letting Edmonton outshoot your 33-18 or so and McDraichard hem you in for most of a period for 2-3 periods of a game is a good strategy for getting to 4 wins in a series.

I was surprised to see Carolina push that series out to Game 6. Taking it back to New York would be disastrous for the Rangers.

Turned off the Toronto-Minnesota PWHL game after four periods of scoreless hockey. Not enough action.

Congrats to the Rangers on being the first team through to the Conference Finals.

Haven’t added them up but there seem to have been more come from behind wins in the playoffs than usual.


Canucks heard you and turned on the offense tonight. Probably their best game of the playoffs. Margin of victory could have been greater but for good Oiler goaltending.

Natural hat trick by Kreider was awesome - the only other Rangers to score a hat trick within a single period in the playoffs were Messier and Gretzky.

I thought Vancouver played very nicely. They need to be careful with the penalties, however.

Your new Maple Leafs head coach: Craig Berube. I guess MLSE decided to open the wallet for him, given that earlier reports were that they didn’t want to spend what he was asking for. Because, you know, MLSE really has to watch the purse strings.

Snap thought: his attitude may kick the Maple Leafs in the ass into the 2nd round. Everything else depends on what that roster looks like going into training camp.