2023-24 NHL Hockey Thread

Largely agree but happy to accept the series win by the Canucks.

I think that the Canucks outplayed Nashville last night and deserved the game 6 win but Nashville lost two games (3 and 4 in Nashville) where they were the better team.

Edmonton will be tough but I expect more scoring by both teams than in the Vancouver-Nashville series. Edmonton has a better offence than Nashville but may not play as close a defensive game. Even though the Canucks won the season series with Edmonton and massively outscored them, I have to go with the Oilers in this round.

My ticket source in Vancouver is an Oilers fan so he will be going to the games in this series rather than selling any at cost to me. Looking at the resale prices for the Oilers-Canucks series has persuaded me to watch the games from home.

Boston looked poor in game 6 but I expect their home crowd to spur them on. Hoping though for the first Leafs series win over Bruins since 1959.

Oilers power play is where they do damage. Vancouver against Nashville played a disciplined game with few penalties. Need to keep doing that and beat the oilers on the 5-5.

Should be an amazing game, definitely going to watch.

The game has been as expected: low scoring but exciting.

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The puck went off the boards perfectly

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Almost turned out differently this time.

Will Carolina control the series vs NYR? Or will the Rangers powerplay and goalie their way to the ECF?

Rangers should prevail but the last two minutes of the game were pretty hairy for them.

Let’s review 1st round predictions:

6-2 for the 1st round for winners. I only got the number of games right for WPG/COL, but not the right team.

5 of the 8 series were done in 5 games or less. It’s been a long time since we saw teams making that kind of quick work.

Knowing who’s advanced, my revised 2nd round predictions:

NYR d. CAR - still going Rangers in 7.
FLA d. BOS - still going Panthers in 5.
DAL d. COL - the Avs looked awfully good, but the Jets looked awfully bad. The Stars finally got going after being down 0-2, and it’s not unprecedented for a team to do that early and then rally on. And, I think Georgiev finally cracks. Stars in 7.
VAN d. EDM - I’m assuming no Demko here, which would give Vancouver the edge. The key is whether the Canucks can finally get things going; if they play like they did against the Predators, it may not take this long. Oilers in 6.

Not bad.

CAR in 7
FLA in 6

EDM in 6
COL in 7

Probably have to agree on Oilers winning. However I am seeing probabilities as high as 75% on their winning which implies a rout. I see a fairly close series. It will be a fun series to watch as I like both teams.

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I predict 4 tight series. No idea why people are so confident about particular teams winning.

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  1. That Rangers/Hurricanes game last night was fantastic. It’s not a gut punch for the Hurricanes, but they really have to win both games back in Raleigh because they’re going to need a much better effort / much worse Rangers effort to win one in MSG.

  2. Dallas might be able to get away with that “going down 0-2” shit against Vegas, but they won’t against Colorado. Being up 3-0 after the 1st and then shitting it away to lose in OT was inexcusable.

No, I haven’t forgotten about dumping on Toronto. I’ll get to that after I see how the media deals with Leafs management on Friday. I expect it to be uncomfortable, and there’s zero excuse for not making it so.

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If the Bruins win the SC, Toronto management can say that only a 7th game OT loss to Boston stood between them and The Cup.

You really cant give up a 3-0 lead like that and then take a bunch of stupid penalties. Very bad stuff. Dallas is clearly the stronger team here, but that first line for Colorado is so insane that you cannot give them any power plays.

As for Toronto, I’m not entirely sure the Coach will go . I think they put up a good effort against the Bruins.

And Oilers blow a 4-1 lead as Canucks score 4 straight goals.

Out: Sheldon Keefe (TOR)

In: TBD. Reportedly, the Leafs talked to Craig Berube but decided they didn’t want to pay his asking price, which … it’s the Leafs, it’s not like they’re hurting for money, but that’s also a very Leafs thing to do.

Not sure what type of coach the Leaf players need or would accept. The Canucks had a total turnaround this year under Rick Tocchet (coach of the year, imo). He is a hard nosed coach that preaches a very disciplined system. Worked for the young players on the Canucks team but the prima donnas on the Leafs team might rebel against a disciplinarian coach.

Takeaways from last night:

  • Carolina is Toronto but with less media attention, less money plowed into the top-4 players, and it gets a round farther every year. And, it’s getting swept again this year.
  • Dallas needs to have a 4-goal lead against Colorado to have a shot to win.
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