2023-24 English Premier League discussion

NFU gets what everyone expected from the Independent Panel: two were correct, only one in error.

They are still WAY ahead in VAR decisions going their way this season, at +4. Only FUL have more.

IMO, Fuck the fans.

In an effort to improve communication with fans, chief refereeing officer Howard Webb has said Premier League referees could soon announce to stadium crowds and television audiences why they have changed their decisions after visiting the VAR monitor.

This might work well for a bunch of tossers listening to a tosser in their own tosser language (am I using that correctly?), but this was severely poor when used at the WWC, with referees speaking theiur third or fourth language (English) with a shitty mic system. I can see the same issues at Champions League if it is adopted there.

I mean, a referee changes his decision based on VAR. Because he saw something he missed. That is pretty fucking obvious, even to fans in the stands.
I am content to get the details after the match.

“We’re looking at ways to improve the in-stadium experience.”

WTF is so wrong about the in-stadium experience? Are people not coming anymore because of this? No way!

Again with SAOT being incorrectly named:

“There’s no indication [from SAOT] to the on-field officials as yet as to whether or not a player’s offside. That might be something that comes down the track, where they get some information in real-time, which will prevent the delaying of flags. But that’s some way off.”

It does not, nor does it EVER, indicate offside. It can indicate automatically, which players are in an offside position. The offside call only occurs when a player becomes involved in, or interferes in, play. And that is for humans to decide for now.

However, yeah, I think it would be better if the AR’s flag went up because the AOPT told the AR that a player was in an offside position. Heck, it can tell them ALL the time whether players are in an offside position or not. Heck, the AR won’t even have to be in line with the second-to-last defender, which at this level (heck, lots of levels) is impossible to do at all times.

Spurs have gone into a tailspin. Thankfully it is NHL playoff time and I can ignore them for the rest of the EPL season

Manchester United have basically morphed into a mid-table team. They are way below the level of Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal.

Lost 4-0 against Crystal Palace. Thats pretty lol

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Well, we don’t have an EPL 28-29 thread yet, but this dude will play in the Minors before hitting the big time when he turns 18.

Gotta be one of the most Irish names around.

So, in case of a tie in points and a tie in goal differential, ARS has the next tiebreaker.
So, MCI need more goals in their wins, just in case.
ARS should know this and keep up with MCI, just in case.

Arsenal fans will be Spurs fans for a day. Spurs obviously want to win but can’t imagine they will play extra hard just to do Arsenal a favour.

Could be an interesting match tomorrow as one never knows which Spurs team will show up. They have had good results against Man City the last few years but could easily lose 4-0. Looking like Spurs are destined for Europa League next year.

Just like MUN did yesterday for MCI!

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As expected, MC is in the driver’s seat.

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Son buries that chance 100/100 times against ARS. He truly hates us.


How dirty did you feel cheering for the Spurs?

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It was a fun watch to be honest. Ange-ball is pure chaos compared to how ARS usually play. Hard to complain based on results, but Arteta’s playstyle is a little too risk-averse for me at times.

Probably because I’m in in the States rather than in the UK, but I don’t hate Spurs as much as I do Chelsea and United. I have no problem rooting for them when it’s in our best interest.

It’s hard to hate Spurs because they have had little success. Would also be like hating the Cubs before they eventually won another WS.

I think its pretty shocking to see your own fans cheering for their team to lose.

Spurs have completely lost the plot.

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Brutal analysis (but also accurate)


I’ll read, but yes the billionaires love money and don’t like to spend it. They seem to enjoy being the ones that suck all the life and money out of MUN.
And, being NFL Football owners too, they expect the public to fix the leaky roof or build a brand new stadium for them, else they’ll move the club to Saint Louis, MO.

Ooh, they get right into the cheapskatey ways with the NFL Football team!
Note that the reaction to the survey, in general, was that the owners didn’t want the results published. That way they can either clean up their messes or ignore them. Guess which option is preferred.

It’s easy to see why the Ratcliffe non-takeover takeover has generated such fevered optimism in United circles. It offers the illusion of control in an uncontrollable landscape, the illusion of simplicity in a bewilderingly complex situation, the illusion of renewal when in reality very little has changed. You can’t get the Glazers out. You can’t see or contact them. You can’t afford to buy their shares, and even if you could you can’t force them to sell. And you can’t overturn the culture of parasitic rentier capitalism that allows them to operate or detonate the regulatory structures that render it legal.

I never really understood how Ratcliffe has any power or control when the Glazers are still around to veto (?) any spending plans.

Seems Rooney has the right idea:

Glazers are probably still wondering when the next player draft is.

Whiny Wolves want to cheat and get away with it, so, “get rid of VAR that shows us cheating!”

How about just playing more honestly? That’s a way to play.

Of the 29 VAR errors logged this season, 24 are missed interventions. Referees are hamstrung by an instruction to only send referees to the monitor if it matches the high bar, an intervention point that can’t be measured and is in itself subjective. It gives a sense of inaction, that VARs are deliberately avoiding sending referees to the monitor. And when they do, you can be almost certain that it will be changed.

I see this as an issue that needs to be resolved. Downside is that it delays the game further than, people (fans, people who want fans happy, etc.) want.
Personally, I think Referees should be at the very least walking toward the monitor while the VAR decides whether the Referee should look at it for themself.

Indeed, the worst decisions against Wolves this season have occurred because the VAR didn’t get involved (remember, the decision to disallowed that goal against West Ham was the right decision).

Now that is interesting.

But maybe if the Premier League began to operate VAR closer to other leagues, rather than trying to reinvent the intention of the monitor, things might actually start to improve.

At least Wolves might have started the conversation.

It is definitely easier to piggyback off a better process than to eventually get to the same conclusions years afterward. Just see what other FA’s referee teams do.

No surprises today on what was another exciting EPL season.