2023-24 English Premier League discussion

The non-mancunians look to be in the driver seat this year. I do feel a bit bad about Arsenal as they have indeed worked hard. But Klopp winning the PL would be a fantastic send off.

Basically, as long as City loses the PL, and gets pummeled in the CL…I am ok with it.

Why is this so difficult to comprehend, and who are these people who don’t comprehend it? I think they’re making people up.

When you have a squad stacked with mediocrity and a coach who falls into the same category, United are precisely where they should be. But because they are the biggest and (historically) most successful team in the biggest league in the world, United’s struggles still leave many bewildered. How can such an illustrious club continue to make a mess of things on the pitch?

Because past glory and a huge, worldwide fanbase don’t automatically get you wins, that’s why.

And Arsenal doesn’t win the EPL, because … fuck Stan Kroenke.

Man Utd were like this before Ferguson and have just reverted to type.

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Man City also plays BHA, the difference in schedule is really H/A and ManU/ARS.

That’s so Spursy, MUN!

Um, Innumeracy alert:

But Diogo Dalot’s clumsy challenge on Noni Madueke earned Chelsea a second penalty, and Palmer converted in the 110th minute.

Um, unless the scorecard everywhere else is wrong, it was in the 90’+10’ or let’s see, carry the one,…
100th minute.

My brother has been a Liverpool fan for a good number of years now. He finally took a trip across the pond to catch a game. He is in this pic (but only as a spectator :grin:)

Speaking of Spurs, their owner has been found guilty of insider training.


Please…not another Liverpool bottle job.

Come on folks. Don’t let City grab the title.

Unlikely that will be the last pts dropped by contenders. Young CH made big mistake as did young FB. Both had played well to this game so no issues. Too many whiffs on shots. Elliot should have been in earlier. He creates a lot of chances.

I hate when keepers come so far off line for no real reason. Ball wasn’t being played back. You see 2-3 goals like this a year.

Rodri needs a rest. Those suspensions didn’t resthim nough, apparently:

The part that piqued my interest in bold:

“Let’s see … how we live the situation. Sometimes it is what it is,” Rodri said. “It [a rest] is something we are planning, yes.”

That rest could come at home to Luton Town in the Premier League on Saturday – a clash that City will enter in third place, trailing Arsenal and Liverpool by one point. The second leg against Madrid is four days later, with City set to play two games a week for the rest of the season.

Something that other teams in the race don’t have to do. Cuz knocked out of FA Cup.

Semi-Automated Offside Technology to be introduced, but it is misnamed.

Should be “Automated Offside Position Technology” or “AOPT”
Referee and Assistants and VAR still have to judge whether player in an offside position has interfered with play or gained an advantage.
I’m also wondering if the technology identifies the specific player(s) or not, and who of the total referee crew is notified. Seems it is the VAR who will then alert the Referee (in the center) of possible Offside offense.

And this:

Will SAOT be used for all offside decisions?

The technology provides for all potential offsides to be alerted to the VAR. However, this information will only be validated and communicated to the referee on pitch in case of one of the usual defined match-changing moments covered by VAR – goals, penalties and red cards.

So if an offside is detected before a corner or a free kick but hasn’t been flagged by the assistant referee, the VAR will not alert the referee and offside will not be penalised.

Seeing as some clubs suck at defending corners, it might behoove the competition that AOPT be employed for those situations. Would require a lot more coordination of communication, though. I could see VAR noting to the Ref and AR’s that #11 and #10 were in an offside position at the time the ball was played by a teammate, and the field crew can determine if either was involved in play.
Heck, there could be a listing of all players in offside positions at all times of the match. It is what I track (well, one team’s offside position players) when I am an AR, though I do not save said info all day.

Well, that was quick.

I was going to come in and drag Crystal Palace for being in the EPL for 11 years and basically doing nothing, always drifting around in the 11-14 range in the standings (best 10th in 2015, worst 15th in 2016), never really threatening to do anything side from making the FA Cup final in 2016 and sneaking into the FA Cup semifinals in 2022 - and it probably should get dragged for taking up 11 seasons in the EPL and practically always being bottom half of the table - but I’ll give CP credit for knocking off Liverpool 1-0 and damaging Liverpool’s title chances, when the expected result was “CP rolls over and plays dead on the way to a 14th, 15th place ‘performance’.”

I’d rather Man City not win the EPL, but if the choice is between Man City and Arsenal, I’ll take MCU 12 times out of 10 because … fuck Stan Kroenke.

Agreed. I get way fewer NFL SEA games on TV because of his move here.