2022 Survivor Fantasy Football

basically whos playing the lions, bears, texans, raiders, browns, jags and falcons each week

then narrow that list of players down by players I’ve already used

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Week 11
QB: TTagovailoa
RB: CMcCaffrey
WR: AStBrown

past picks

1 RWilson DHenry DAdams
2 JAllen SBarkley JChase
3 JHurts AEkeler JJefferson
4 KMurray JWILLIAM Mandrews
5 TBrady NChubb SDiggs
6 GSmith EBenjamin GDavis
7 JBurrow JJacobs JWaddle
[8]DJones KWalkerIII DHopkins
[9]JFields RStevenson TMcLaurin
10 TLawrence DPierce COlave
11 DPrescott DMontgomery CSutton

Oops, those are clearly my week 12 picks.

And we are set for Week 12! :+1:

Person      QB           RB           WR           
ItalnHalibt DPrescott    JJacobs      JJefferson
YankeeTripr JAllen       JWilson      TMcLaurin
KidRock     GSmith       JWilson      DMetcalf
VorianAtrds RWilson      TPollard     SWatkins
actuaryjr   GSmith       JWilson      TMcLaurin
Whiskey     TTagovailoa  CMcCaffrey   AStBrown
JudgeSmails PMahomes     TEntienne    TyHill
ArthurItas  JAllen       JWilson      SDiggs
MayanActury JHurtts      KWalker      DAdams

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Survivors - may all the breaks go your way on Turkey Day!

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Same to you Commish!!!

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Allen - 325
Dak - 194
R Wilson - 109
Tua - 179

Pollard - 61
Wilson jr. - 112
Ettiene - 3

Diggs - 137
St. brown - 189
Jefferson - 199
Ty rek - 90
mcLaurin - 53

Diggs with 125 in the last 3 minutes I think.

Yeah, he was laying an egg for me until the final moments

Yeah, i am playing him in refular fantasy this week
Was very happy at ny performance up to that point.

Dolphins should take out Tua up 30-0.

Etienne out early due to injury

Russel Wilson still making the Seahawks look brilliant.


And they did.
Hopefully i am no where close to booster…

DK>McL so on to next week.

I think I might be in trouble . . .

I should have gone with my first choice Jacobs at RB, oh well at least I’m safe and still have him for the future.


You may have confused Sammy Watkins with someone who can still play football,

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I think I mistyped . . . I was intending Watson to be my selected player.

Well, it’s been a fun, stupid ride!

Good luck to the rest of y’all.


QB: Herbert, Brady, Mahomes, Allen, Jackson, Jones, JimmyG, Watson
RB: Henry, Chubb, Ekeler, CMC, Stevenson, Connor, Pollard, White, Harris
WR: Diggs, Waddle, Evans/Godwin, McLaurin, Cooper, Lockett, Kirk, Kelce, Davis, Olave

Right now, feel really good about 4 weeks, OK for 1 and iffy on 2. Probably should have gone, Wilson/Pollard and any WR I thought could get 50 yards and saved Geno/DK. Then it could have been 5/1/1.

I’m not sure exactly who I have left but I think I’m down to 3 QBs I feel good about and 2 or 3 others who might have a decent week. I think I have only 2 RBs left I feel good about and will probably be using one this week. I think I’m OK at WR but will need to see.

I wish i had my boosters