2022 NFL Football Thread

Notwithstanding the CBA, isn’t ayahuasca illegal federally in the US and in Wisconsin, even for medical purposes?

Seems to be legal for certain churches. So maybe, he is a congregant in one of them.


Ayahuasca is best known for being used in spiritual ceremonies, which have taken place in various cultures for thousands of years. It is revered for its intense psychedelic effects.

This drug is made from a combination of plants, one containing dimethyltryptamine (DMT) and the other containing monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs).

In the United States, certain churches have been authorized to utilize ayahuasca during ceremonies, as it is commonly utilized in shamanistic rituals. The Santo Daime and the Uniao do Vegetal churches have both been given permission to allow their members to consume ayahuasca tea in ceremonies thanks to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

In 2019, the Oakland, California city council voted to decriminalize ayahuasca. Despite the fact that DMT is still prohibited by federal law.

Sounds like 9 years in prison to me

Does he get time served for playing in Green Bay?

I think Biden is negotiating a Griner for Rodgers deal with Russia as we speak


Watched Hard Knocks. Lions look like a shitshow.

Got me wondering: do NFL teams always have their coach blather on at the beginning of training camp, or just the ones on Hard Knocks? Not even good TV.
This guy Campbell yells an extraordinary lot. More sited to assistant. I cannot see Belichick doing that. Then again, I cannot see Belichick doing that many up-and-downs.

in a room full of meathead football lifer types, dan campbell stands out.

that said, I think he is inching the lions towards a higher level bc it defied math how long they stayed in the suck zone. it might be him, it might be regression. at least the team knows he is FIRED UP!

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have a lot more Falcons tickets available than usual for this season. Hit me up if coming down for a game+tailgate is of interest.

Zac Wilson of the jets…leaves w a non contact knee injury.

It must be brutal rooting for the jets

Evergreen post right here

I’m interested.
B52s playing in Atlanta, final shows ever in November. I’d take a trip for two things.

Don’t ink me yet.

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It looks like the weekend of the concerts the Falcons are away at CAR.

If you consider it, the Chargers tickets for the weekend prior to that concert are all taken. I have 2 tickets available for the Bears game the following weekend.

The Fox where the B52’s are playing is a cool venue.

Same as Lynerd Skynerd (sp?).

Ao, that’s probably out, but thanks for looking.

Heck, all the close seats are on the $300-400 range now, everywhere they are, Vegas, SoFi (YouTube Theater) and Anaheim.
Gonna have to risk last-minute snipe. Or not go at all. I saw them at a fair way up close, so not feeling anything over $100 at the Mo’

Lynyrd Skynyrd