2020 Predictions - Thread started in 2015 from the AO

By the end of the year 2020:
What say you?

These predictions were all made in June 2015:
Abelian Grape:

  1. Most posts
  2. very real realdolls
  3. Anny will have at least 2 more accounts banned
    KoTN: Colonel Smoothie’s post count > 40,000
    BRM: There shall in that time be rumors of things going astray, erm, and there shall be a great confusion as to where things really are, and nobody will really know where lieth those little things with the sort of raffia-work base, that has an attachment. At that time, a friend shall lose his friend’s hammer, and the young shall not know where lieth the things possessed by their fathers that their fathers put there only just the night before, about eight o’clock
    Westley: Driverless cars will be substantially all new cars sold in the US
    BBB: incest, necrophilia, and pedophilia will be legal
    yoyo: i’ll be retired
    Colonel Smoothie:
  4. New York City will still exist
  5. ao fan will be the #1 poster
  6. ao fan will be single
  7. ao fan will be married
  8. I’ll have my 9 cats by then
  9. I might have a shot at passing the SOA modules on my 10th attempt
  10. SOA will have overtaken the CAS
  11. CAS will have overtaken the SOA
  12. Snoo has 10th child
  13. BTTF hoverboards a reality
  14. Brett Favre will have another SB win
  15. Jeremy Lin will receive his 5th NBA All Star starting position
  16. nobody eats anything but soylent
  17. China wins WWIII
  18. Tom catches Jerry
  19. The Simpsons is cancelled
  20. the cavendish banana will be extinct and replaced by a new strain
  21. I will probably not post so much on the AO
  22. The rent will be to damn high
  23. NYC Water Tunnel No. 3 will have been completed
  24. Kingdom Tower will be the tallest building in the world
  25. Chicago will finally get around to using that pit they dug for the Chicago Spire
  26. Male birth control is invented
  27. Tuition is to damn high
  28. I imagine there will still be no female priests despite the looming priest shortage, although maybe the shortage won’t be so bad since fewer people won’t be religious
  29. Edward Snowden will still be somewhere not in America
  30. Tesla will finally turn a profit, maybe
  31. Box will declare bankruptcy
  32. some kind of consolidation amongst the struggling banks: Deustche Bank, Barclays, Credit Suisse
  33. Flash will be extinct
  34. Steve Jobs will be revived from the dead which will usher in a new golden age for technology
  35. LED tail lights will be the standard for autos
  36. Someone will accidentally settle on the BRIO superfund site which will bring about a new wave of litigation
  37. the Toyota Supra will finally be back on the market
  38. Those fleshlike robotic arms like the one Will Smith had in i-Robot will be available
  39. I’ll have a 3D printer
  40. Starcraft III will be in development
  41. after South Korea stops conscription, Korean players aren’t going to all of a sudden retire in their early 20s
  42. console gaming will be extinct
  43. Mazdar city will either be a spectacular success or failure
  44. github will win the git war
  45. Microsoft will all be like, whoops my bad, and Windows 12 will be in development
  46. we will probably be able to make dogs out of corn
  47. the tech bubble will be at its peak if not popped
  48. China’s real estate bubble along with Vancouver’s will have popped too
  49. candy bars will cost $1 and 75 cents would be considered a steal
    47 (a / b). DS will have gotten a girlfriend / they’d probably breakup before 2020 and we will encounter him in a morose state
  50. Devastator will have passed Exam C
  51. Sheba Poe will have a kid
    Analyst D:
  52. A company named Felstar or Gelstar, its something ___elstar, will change the nature of the human-inter-connectivity with the development of linking dots. These tiny dots you spread all over your skin which link through nodes attached behind your ears will create a fluid link between all people wearing them
  53. Bob Evans restaurant chain will restructure closing over a third of their locations. This will be the first step in a quest for a buyer which will prove fruitless leading to further reductions and a sell off with a name change to all remaining restaurants. Ten years later the only thing left with that name will be the sausage.
  54. The discovery of nanobes which infect specific aspects of the brain will lead to hope for curing many types of autoimmune and brain syndromes and diseases.
    swifthat: Half Life 3 will not be released.
  55. Someone will have built a freestanding bipedal robot that can run as fast as a healthy adult human being
  56. DJZ will have been nominally punished for breaking forum rules 500 times without any serious punishment or change in behavior
  57. e-cigars will have brought us a new-specific cancer of some sort. these things are going to be even worse than cigs.
  58. Cubs win WS
  59. most home values will be 25% less, on average, than their 2015 would be sales price
    Buru Buru: I’ll be dead
    corn dog:
  60. but gay marriage will be legal and recognized in all 50 states. Republicans, realizing how much of the electorate cares about this, will only use this as an issue in house elections where the population is still bigoted and stupid, voting for hopeless causes of the past.
  61. certain curmudgeons on the AO will have children that are gay will have changed their mind, because they were perfect and loving christian parents - and yet their unmolested children are gay.
    Loner: (Westly’s autobot cars) able to turn on autopilot on the highway

Sorry about the formatting. I think there is a list indexing that happened and it made the indents. Bold is where I attempted to identify the AO ID then his/her ideas.

huh, I didn’t realize I am dying this year. :grimacing:

I’m pretty sure that was your prediction, in some thread about coronavirus.

Just your AO persona… Spot on prediction!

I should have been a bit more vague on the lung disease. I’d have been 2/3. That home value thing obviously didn’t happen in most markets. But they could be happening in certain areas due to Covid19 (Like NY).

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Married and single too. :wink:

oh, I thought that was a prediction I made in 2015, but idk.

Oh… Yeah, sorry, I may have misread the whole thread.