2020-21 NBA Thread

Beard to the Nets. That should be interesting. Harden-Irving-Durrant is quite the trio. Wonder if they gel or mix like oil and water.

Who gets he ball? All three need it.

Kyrie always hurt and Beard flirts with the Rona, so they’ll only actually have all 3 available for like 6 games anyway.


can we please trade Tilman away

Yeah. Did you see what they traded to get him. Nets going with no 1st round picks forever again.

Combined usage rate of 90.1% No one else is even going to get shots

Pepsi??? But Pepsi sucks ass!
Coke Zero is my go-to. In the good old days at a fancy dispenser, I’d be getting a Half-Coke-Zero-Cherry/Half-Coke-Zero (the cherry is too much cherry).

Hey, Atlanta, rein in your Real Housewives!

James later tweeted about Carlos, bestowing her with a derisive nickname commonly used to mock entitled white women.

So, ESPN is not allowed to say “Karen” anymore?

With only a few fans, everyone can hear everything. When there are 20000 fans, it’s hard to hear one person’s shit-talking.

Steph Curry has hit 10+ 3 pointers in 4 of his past 5 games. In NBA history only one other player Klay Thompson with 5 has more than 4 such games in their career. That’s crazy. I’d have guessed with how prolific the the 3 point shot has become in recent years there would be a fair number of such players with multiple 10+ three point games.

Some of these players are lights-out. You’d think it would be time to guard them a little closer, but there are risks to that as well.

I’m in the camp that the current rules make defending the style of play extremely difficult. More Harden’s legacy than Curry’s currently, but he’s taking advantage nonetheless.

With all the scoring and volume shooting Harden did I was surpised he was one that didn’t have more 10+ 3 point games as he only has 3, go figure. Especially the past few years when Houston really embraced the 3 and tried to out GSW, GSW.

More relative points off free throws, I’m guessing.

He is the king of the flop so probably. Still surprising.

Lakers are in danger of dropping to play in game(s).

Go Jazz!!! Actually don’t care too much so long as the Lakers, Nets, Celtics, and Knicks go nowhere.

Well, the Lakers did drop into a play-in game. Now can they beat the Warriors?

Lebron & Steph together again. Not quite the same as 4 straight finals meetings but still not bad for a play-in game.

What is with all the fans getting banned?

What has happened to our society during the pandemic?

Someone gave them the right to be racist again. Just haven’t been able to express themselves until now. Pandemic merely delayed their freedoms.