2020-21 College Basketball Thread

Officially underway at this point. Anything been outright cancelled yet for COVID that I missed?

Lots of upsets early, so the usually poor preseason rankings continue to be a thing.

Uh, check that thread title.

It’s a smaller circle of people, so COVID might be easier to “control,” or the athletes might be easier to control.
SI is keeping track of cancellations and rescheduling.
Ivy League canceled the season.

I have no further comments.

Good catch on the title. I forgot all about Ivy League cancelling.

Maybe it’ll be an interesting season, but probably not.

Bump, for Tournaments.

Also, this:

In other words: play two seasons, make $200K and then go to (public) college like a regular person, without the extra hours of practice affecting your course work or choice of major.

I think the concept is fine if they have long-term priorities straight. One big hurdle is that failures will be relatively immediate (injuries, failing out of college, blowing cash, etc.), but successes will take decades to identify. With the lives/futures of teenagers at stake, scrutiny of those failures will be intense.

College players get injured and fail out of college already, without getting paid (besides a token scholarship that often is not used for taking college courses – see one-and-done, which amounts to a semester at most of schooling).

If they’re one and done, they were neither seriously injured nor failed, but elected to leave. The tuition backing is a good idea and is necessary as a fallback, same as a scholarship that does actually get used. BUT if a 16 year old has a serious setback, a college still has to let them in (apparently without a high school diploma/equivalency??) before that money can be put to work. I’m a little lost on what closes the gap between those two points.