Yeah, long term care could be a real problem, and I’ve not looked into LTC insurance to know what that might cost.

In most cases, a paid-for house, plus $80k/year, plus a pension - that’s likely enough for many people to live a ‘reasonably free’ lifestyle. I understand that the definition of ‘reasonably free’ is perhaps quite different for you vs, say, JasKent.

One question is how to balance the risk mitigation vs not working an extra few years, if early retirement is the goal. Some would argue you can be a little more aggressive with the understanding that a) you may not completely retire and therefore may have some income in retirement, b) if you set a pretty liberal goal for assets and something goes south, you could curb spending for a year or so.

I imagine most people would be bored out of their effing minds a month into retirement. I’d want to do something, likely something that would make at least minimum wage, or part time.

I agree. I mean, I think I could take several months off and travel, and work on hobbies. But (at least for me) longer term I suspect I’d want to find something with a bit of purpose. If you don’t need a certain income though, you can do it all on your terms.

My paternal grandfather retired, he ran a machine shop for years that made custom milled metal things. He sold the business to my uncle, and after six months off he went back to work for my uncle in the machine shop. Quit again a few years later, and opened an antique shop some months later, which he ran until his health started failing.

I’ve fantasized about going back to college to take all the classes I didn’t because they didn’t fit in my schedule or just didn’t have the capacity to do them/weren’t that relevant to what I was studying.

i.e. lots of history classes

I did a rough calc of Minimum cash to retire a few years back. It came out to about 1.2M. And that assumed I would get SS, Medicare, and not be supporting kids any more. Also assumed I would still live in a low COL area. And this amount assumed I would die with zero dollars (good luck kidos)

history classes in college were one of the few things I enjoyed about college. I took civil war, WW2, Vietnam, etc.

I didn’t major in math because I liked it… but at least I was good at it. At one point I seriously considered switching to history major because the coursework was just so much more enjoyable.

Yeah I’d love to take classes like that. Other than some stuff for general requirements I didn’t really take any classes that I purely had interest in (philosophy, astronomy, etc.) because I was pretty focused on taking stuff to support my Econ major so took a lot of math and stats classes, not that they were that bad, particularly the econ I enjoyed a lot, but there were definitely classes I didn’t take that I’d have loved to.

I didnt stop learning about history after college. All of my personal reading is on historic topics.

The trick is finding the right book.

just finished this one that I really liked : The Fall of Carthage (Cassell Military Paperbacks): Goldsworthy, Adrian: 0978030436642: Amazon.com: Books

Thanks! I’ll have to check that out. I get most of my history itch through Youtube channels to be honest. My recent reading has all been parenting related or Malcolm Gladwell, etc. books.

this one is intense, but explains a lot about the world.

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some experts are predicting hyperinflation. so put that in ur pipe and smoke it

how to deal with hyperinflation? Gold? Bitcoin? Real estate?


Dunno about hyperinflation, but I was predicting inflation prior to covid. Unemployment was super low and wages were being pushed upwards.

There’s tons of volunteer things I’d rather do than actuarying. I don’t anticipate boredom being a problem. I anticipate taking on too much.

Not cool enough to join the millionaire’s lounge yet, but I’m just about to be 30 and recently passed $300k net worth (excluding home principal/mortgage). Might get there by 40! Should have the house paid off before then as well.


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I was around the same pace. The next 700k only took a couple of years (and some luck with the economy).

how young are you now?

you’re a crypto millionaire aren’t you